The easy button for holiday shopping
You're here because you are looking for an easy holiday gift for the women in your life. But you're awesome, so you also want your gift to be awesome. Let's make a list of what they would want out of their gift from you:
  • Don't Need to Return it to the Mall 
  •  Prove that you get her
  •  Make Her Feel Special
Am I right? 

And while many think the answer is jewelry, the real way into a woman's heart is her closet. So let's go there. Give her the styling, organization and pampering she has always wanted. And if we are wrong, full refunds until 30 days after Xmas. 
No risk, just reward. 

How Thoughtful Are You?
Your lady wants a personal stylist – for her closet. This is what we do. By combining our closet-conquering system with professional style advice, she’ll have everything she needs to make the most of what she already has.  

 Step #1: Closet editing
 Step #2: Outfit Creation
 Step#3: New-to-You clothing
Two professional stylists come to her home for three hours, clean out what doesn't work for her, create outfits with what does and bring new-to-you clothing to be styled in (no extra charge). Stylists catering to her, her style and making her feel like a movie star. Name something that's better. 
What She'll Get:
Step #1: Closet Editing
Her task is to let go of clothing that doesn’t work for her anymore (it’s very zen).We’ll help her sort through her clothing and decide what is wearable, tailorable, or swapable. 
Step #2: Outfit Creation
She chooses what we focus on. Maybe a work wardrobe. Or a few chic outfits for that out-of-town conference. Or a presentation-crushing pants suit. We figure out her goals and make sure she meets them without losing an ounce of her personal style.
Step #3: New-to-Her clothing swapped in
Our stylists bring new-to-you items that are used to create more outfits or fill holes in her wardrobe. The pieces are hand-picked by our stylist in response to a questionnaire. Let go of a piece of clothing, she gets to choose a new-to-you piece. No additional cost.
Get her a session Now!
*All for only $240
Have a swapping good day!
The SwapIt Team
P.S. : While women who love fashion love us, we are really built for the anti-fashionista. The women who hates to shop, who has absolutely no desire to spend the time, effort, and money to make herself look put together.
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